Why Change Transmission Fluid Regularly?

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Why Change Transmission Fluid Regularly?

What is transmission fluid?

Transmission fluid is a slippery liquid that acts as a lubricant for all of the moving parts inside your transmission. In an automatic transmission, this fluid also serves as a coolant and a viscous fluid that transmits power from the engine to the transmission.

Refer to your owner’s manual for the type of fluid that your transmission requires.

Why should I change my transmission fluid regularly?

Just like engine oil, transmission oil additives break down over time and no longer properly lubricate the transmission components or disperse heat evenly from the vehicle. By changing the fluid at the recommended interval, you ensure that your transmission is lubricated properly.

How often should I get my transmission fluid changed?

To determine how often your transmission fluid should be changed, follow the recommendations of the manufacturer for the make and model of your vehicle. The interval will vary between makes and models. We also recommend that you get your fluid level checked when you have an oil change done, as there may be no obvious indication that your fluid level is low.   Of course, always have your transmission fluid checked if you notice a leak of any kind.

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We help you choose the Transmission Fluid that is right for your vehicle.

What happens if I do not change the transmission fluid when it is recommended?

Letting your car run low on transmission fluid can cause the transmission to shift improperly or not at all. It also can harm the internal parts of your transmission, which will not be properly lubricated. Unfortunately, you may not hear any noises or have other clues that your transmission is low on fluid, until it is too late. So it is important to get it checked and changed when needed.

By changing the transmission fluid at the interval recommended, you will avoid both shortening the life of and costly repairs to your transmission.

Can I change my own transmission fluid?

Changing automatic transmission fluid is best left to a technician equipped with the a transmission flusher.  Using the proper equipment will ensure the fluid is replaced more thoroughly and effectively than you could achieve with gravity alone.

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We have the industry standard equipment that is needed to the the job right – Industrial Transmission Flusher (ITF)

Is there any maintenance required BETWEEN transmission services?

The only maintenance required between intervals is to check the fluid level periodically.  As stated above, letting your car run low on transmission fluid can cause problems.  Also, as stated above, it often difficult to know the fluid is low unless it is checked.

Can I check my own transmission fluid level?

You may be able to check your own transmission fluid level, depending on the type of transmission you have, and how new your vehicle is. Follow these guidelines:

Manual Transmission: Not all manufacturers include a transmission fluid dipstick in vehicles with a manual transmission.  Thus, checking the fluid level can be difficult.  We recommend that if you own a vehicle with a manual transmission that you ask your technician to check the fluid level when your car is in for an oil change.

Automatic Transmission: Vehicles with automatic transmissions may have a dipstick for the purpose of checking the transmission fluid level. Be sure you use the correct dipstick as there may be others, such as a crankcase dipstick.  Some newer automatic transmission vehicles are now being manufactured as “dipstick-free” with regards to transmission fluid.  The transmission fluid on these vehicles can only be checked from under the vehicle.  In this case we recommend that you ask your technician to check the fluid level when your car is in for an oil change.

For most cars, checking the automatic transmission fluid consists of pulling the transmission dipstick out while the engine is warmed up and running and with the transmission in park. We suggest that you check your owner’s manual, however, since some manufacturers may have a different procedure.

Unlike engine oil, transmission oil doesn’t get used up. So if you’re low on transmission fluid, you almost certainly have a leak.

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Our technicians have the expertise to do the job properly.

How can Great Canadian Oil Change help me with my Transmission Fluid?

The technicians at Great Canadian Oil Change refer to the manufacturer’s recommendations of the make and model of your vehicle in order to properly service your transmission.  The transmission fluid level is checked as part of the service with every oil change.  We also offer automatic and manual transmission fluid replacement using an Industrial Transmission Flusher (ITF).

The Services menu item on our webpage details all of the services we provide, and provides information that may be helpful to you in making the right choices for your vehicle.