How often do I need my oil changed?

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How often do I need my oil changed?

If you ask three shops how often you should change your oil you may get six different answers.  But we feel confident with our recommendation.

Follow the service intervals recommended by the manufacturer of your vehicle

We recommend to our customers that they follow their manufacturer’s recommended oil change intervals.  This means that the manufacturer will recommend that you have your oil changed after every so many kilometres.  Depending on your specific vehicle, this may mean having your oil changed every 5000 km, 7500 km, 12000 km or some variation thereof.


What are some exceptions to following the service interval recommendations of the manufacturer?

There is one exception to using the service interval recommended by the manufacturer and that is: driving conditions.  Here are some examples of driving conditions that justify changing the oil earlier than recommended:

  • Short trips in the winter, where the engine fails to meet operating temperature for ten minutes or more, are tough on oil.  All of that condensation has no place to go but into the crankcase.
  • Unusually dusty conditions.  (Did you ever follow a combine at harvest?)

These two scenarios justify changing oil before the recommended service interval.

Should I always follow the oil change needed indicator on my dash?

Yes, you should follow the oil change indicator in your vehicle.  Unless you’ve received a recall from your manufacturer, we recommend following the oil life indicator on your dash, if your vehicle has one.

How critical is it to change my oil at exactly the time that is recommended by the manufacturer?

Several years ago we sent engine oil samples to a lab.  These were samples of engine oil that were changed before, near and after the recommended interval.  Each report indicated that the oil had life left.  Therefore, although it may not be absolutely critical at the exact odometer reading, we recommend following the manufacturer’s guidelines as closely as possible for the best maintenance of your vehicle.

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What are the benefits to changing my oil according to the recommendations of the vehicle manufacturer?

There are many benefits to changing your oil according to the service interval recommended by the manufacturer of your vehicle.  Clean engine oil lubricates the engine, keeps it cool, and minimizes the metal-to-metal contact of the parts inside the engine.  Over time the oil starts losing its ability to flow well (becoming less “viscous”), thus losing its ability to protect your engine as it is meant to.  By regularly changing your oil, you prevent problems that can occur over time.  Some of these problems include overheating and undue wear on the engine due to the friction of parts when lubrication is not optimal.  Regular oil changes will also extend the life of your vehicle and help keep it in optimum running condition.

At Great Canadian Oil change in Regina, we follow the recommendations of the manufacturer of your vehicle.  We will verify that your vehicle is due for an oil change before performing it.  We look forward to seeing you for an oil change or for one of the many other services we offer!  See here for the services we offer.